Final project progress: on to the students!

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I’ve been working the opposite way of most people. I started out with the instructors, figuring out how to deal with their issues with digital citizenship and now I am digging into the students. I already had a lot of resources gathered but I’ve managed to write out the information that goes with. I have a few more pages to go still and I’m sorting out how to organize my thoughts, what I should link to and what should be a full new page (e.g. I did work previously on privacy so I realized I probably don’t need a separate page for privacy but does it fit under assessment or elsewhere?).

So I’ve finally opened up my first page on digital citizenship in the classroom. For this page I pulled on existing materials, like Ribble’s 9 elements of digital citizenship but I wanted to put them in context of a university classroom. Still a tiny bit of tidying up to do on that page but it’s there. I plan to put together some wording that can be used for a syllabus or assignment, some things to consider when evaluating a tool for use, some ideas for assessments that are positive and some cautions about ways digital assessment could negatively impact students.

I’ll probably end up with one more lingering resources page.

I’m also still finishing up a page on cautionary tales of ways digital citizenship has been used against instructors (really need a better title).

Images are also on the list. I definitely need to fix up the look of the pages. Actually, as much as I love my theme for my site as a blog, I’m not loving it as much for my resources. For simplicity, I may just add a new WordPress install and use a different theme that works better for this sort of material. That will be much faster than me messing around with this theme to play with layout on different pages. But it’s coming along!

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