Infographic time!

In the interest of creating some additional resources, I thought I’d try to whip up an infographic for use in my resource site. Thanks to Amy Singh for introducing me to Piktochart. It is fairly easy to use with some existing templates even at the free level. Of course, I had to make things tougher by not finding any of the existing templates really to my liking (at least not at the free level). Some of the editable word images didn’t work the way I expected and where was a lot of fiddling with resizing, but I like that I can go back and edit it and redownload any time if I have a better idea.

My intent was just to make a really quick checklist of 5 things to keep an eye on for digital identity (especially for anyone who uses the internet professionally). Do you think it’s clear? I’d love some feedback on whether there are things that need tweaking with the information, word choice, or layout. I admit, I found this a bit challenging. I started out in visual arts a long time ago so I sometimes have the urge to just sketch something up myself but I also know how much time it would take me (and this really reminded me of that fact). These days I may critique how something looks but at work I get to send it to a graphics and multimedia person to do the tweaking and use their knowledge of tools to whip things up far faster than I can. It’s much easier being the one asking for adjustments than the one having to do them!

UPDATE: Amy made a great catch so I’ve updated the image to the version below.
edited version of digital checkup checklist

Original version:
digital identity checkup infographic

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