Nearly done!

I’ve been busy over the past couple weeks trying to finish pulling together everything for my final project but I think I have it pretty much complete. Or as complete as any website ever is that will hopefully continue to grow and change.

I’ve released the final pages, added them to the menu, and finished adding some images to give it some visual appeal. I also swapped the theme on my blog to try to deal with some of the issues I was having with layout on pages. I would still like to relocate this project to a separate site so I can use a different theme but as my husband just agreed the other day that he’s fine switching to Reclaim hosting, I didn’t want to set up a new sub-site until that is complete. So for now, this will fix the worst issues and hopefully we’ll get the transfer done in the next few days so I can move everything around before final submission. If not, it still works better than it did.

Being in the final stages, I was having some worry about whether my site is really done, really ready. But looking at it, it is pretty much there. I covered things that I felt really needed to be highlighted. Sure, there are more things that could be added (because the internet is vast and there are always more resources to link to, journal articles that could be amassed, graphics to include, etc), but I’m pretty pleased with what I have. For one thing, I don’t want it to be too overwhelming. It is about trying to find the balance between enough information and too much. Make it seem too big and an instructor who is curious but nervous will never even bother to look because they just don’t have the time. It does, however, need to be comprehensive enough that they can get started.

One nice thing is that I have been able to connect in some previous work I’ve done in other courses. This is exactly the kind of assignment that students appreciate because they feel like all their work is relevant when they can use it later in another assignment. Putting a paper away in a drawer, never to look at it again, is the exact opposite of what I want a student to feel in a course. I want it to feel real, useful, applicable. For me, this project gave me that and helped reinforce it about other projects I’ve done.

So I hope that others will find what I gathered, wrote, created, and curated to be useful. I am, as always, releasing my work as CC-BY-SA. Please feel free to use any part of my work if it helps you in yours!

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