Privacy Venn Diagram
Privacy Venn Diagram by Rob Jewitt CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
This is how many view the internet but what does that really mean?

Privacy is an important issue, especially in light of the changes that technology have brought. Digital information, cloud computing, mobile devices, all of these are making it clear that privacy is no longer just a default, a given right that is clearly defined. Time and again there are stories in the news about an accidental release of information, a company’s database being hacked, leaks, or worries about who can access your supposedly private information. Privacy needs to be thought through, whether you choose to give it up or struggle to keep it.

When it comes to teaching, it is incredibly important to be aware of the laws, policies, risks and rewards that surround the privacy of your students. These pages reference information applicable to the University of Regina and, more specifically, teaching online. The intent is to highlight where policies begin and end and examine the new possibilities opened up in the online environment, both positive and negative. By being aware of these issues, instructors (and students) can make informed decisions about how they interact with the digital environment.