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I had promised myself that I would do something video-like during the course of EC&I 831. I hate recording myself so that’s one of my discomfort areas. For my summary of learning assignment, I decided to suck it up and do a screencast (still avoiding taking video of my face!).

This ended up being longer than I’d originally intended but I wanted to touch on the major things that really impacted me during this class. It has been a fantastic experience! It really has been the perfect class for me to get back into the grad student groove because I know it is non-traditional and untypical but it was familiar in a good way to me. Thank you to all my fellow students, a href=””>Alec Couros and all our guests. For the pages I show in the screencast, see below.

Sites referenced:
EC&I 831
Rick Schweirr
Privacy, Trust and Online Communities
EC&I 831 on Google +
EC&I 831 blog hub
Alan Levine aka CogDog
Can failure be a good thing?
David Wiley
Creative Commons
OER Commons

4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning”

  1. Good job going outside your comfort zone Kristen to record this video. It was very good. Thanks for sharing your insight and your experience using social media and technology. Now I just need to do my summary of learning.

  2. I enjoyed your story Kristen thanks for sharing it. I wish you all the best with the rest of you education degree.

  3. Nice summary Kirsten. I agree with your decision to be more open and visible in your learning and your ideas behind “failing out in the open”. Those were a couple of concepts from EC&I 831 which stuck with me as well.

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