Technology can make things harder

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Today I had the idea that I would do some blog commenting on my iPad. Great idea, right? More portable, a little slower typing, but easier on the couch.

Great until it failed. I started out in Feedly but each time I tried to comment, my comment would get eaten. Okay, so I tried Chrome. That didn’t work either. After enough attempted comments, I accepted that I was going to have to get my laptop.

So all the comments I had tried to write are gone and I’ll have to go through the process again. Technology just made my day harder. If I’d just written it on paper this would never have happened. If I’d just tried to do this on my laptop in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have had so many issues.

Sometimes, technology just makes things harder than they need to be. I had actually tried to comment on Kyle Dumont’s post about being diverse enough with what technology he uses. Sometimes, technology isn’t your answer. Clearly today, while I need to use technology, I made the wrong choice on which one. I made my life harder by trying to use a technology that just wasn’t quite the right one.

I think everyone’s experienced technology making things harder. So how do you solve it? What have you done on days when the technology is making things more difficult?

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