The End Is Nigh! Summing it up

This semester has been a great time learning with everyone from EC&I 834: Designing for Blended and Online Learning! It really was the perfect class to wrap up my Masters in Education, pulling everything together into the work I do every day. Well, almost. This semester pushed me to do a little more of the hands-on multimedia work that I usually get to hand off to my people (and by that I mean the amazing graphics and multimedia specialists in my office).

I’ve been promising I would keep that push up with my summary of learning this semester so, inspired by “Uncle Angus” last semester, I used iMovie on my iPad to cut together a video. My cat Pixel helped me out since he always wanted to be included in the Zoom sessions.

I just want to say that I do not recommend cutting together a video of around 7 minutes with various video chunks and images using the iPad version of iMovie. Especially when your iPad is about 4 years old. iMovie works on an iPad but it really isn’t built to keep importing in images as you go, shortening video sections, rearranging all the elements, for a video that long. By the end, it was getting glitchy dealing with images I had imported right at the start and it took a bit of playing around to get everything finished. Then it took nearly an hour to get the video uploaded to YouTube. It is fine for short videos or straightforward ones where you know exactly what video you need, especially if your audio is tied to the video (I had to do mine separately). It can be done, but I wouldn’t do that to myself again. It might have actually been slightly easier in Movie Maker, to be honest, as transferring images would have been much easier and faster on my laptop.

But in the end, I pulled it all together and had some fun with it! I hope you enjoy!

And thanks again to Alec and Katia and everyone else who has shared their learning and knowledge along the way!

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