The structure of my final project

As I start to sort out the materials I’ve gathered together and fill in the content that goes with the links and information I’ve been gathering, I’m working on making sense of how to organize everything. The point is to make the organization of the information make sense for someone looking for particular aspects (looking for a third party disclaimer for a syllabus vs wanting to know what to worry about with a digital academic identity).

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So as things become clearer, I’m hoping I have a better feel for what this is going to look like. This is, admittedly, a known issue with my process. I do the same thing with papers. I tend to write and then sort it out later and it is only the process of writing that helps me figure out where things need to go.

As it stands now, I’ve still got some things hiding in the background as I clean them up and start to organize the current clutter.

    • Digital Identity for Instructors
      • Digital Identity
        • Professional Identity
        • Crafting Your Identity
        • The Problem(s) with Digital Identity (still sorting out a title but the point is to share some of the things to worry about such as instructors losing tenure track offers because of tweets, poor reactions to tweets that make sense within a field but not to others outside, emails leaked by students, etc)
      • Digital Citizenship in the Classroom
        • Assessment
        • Privacy
        • Resources for Students
      • Resources

There could be additional pages coming. I still have a fair bit of material to organize and look at again now that it is starting to come together. It still feels a little like wrangling some monster but it is getting better, a little clearer now that I’ve really thought more about what needs to be here and what is doable.

Am I missing something obvious?

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