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In my job as an eLearning Coordinator, I spent a lot of time thinking, writing and talking about educational technologies. 7.5 months of that solidified my passion for how technology can be used to help educational goals, both for students and instructors of all types.

Now I work at a job that involves very little educational technology because I am even farther removed from a classroom. I hire instructors and I speak to people who do presentations but I am rarely in a setting to talk about how to deliver information or to share technology with those who have an interest.

This has very much solidified my interest in educational technology.

With that being the case, I hope to devote more of my spare time to talking about educational technology, #edtech, instructional technology or whatever you want to call it.

With that in mind, I have dipped my toes into involvement with an upcoming MOOC, #etmooc. Spearheaded by Alec Couros of University of Regina’s Education department, it promises to be a fascinating look at the development of a MOOC and a wonderful chance to explore educational technology with others who also love this weird ed tech stuff. If you have an interest, definitely get involved in some way, shape or form.

I am also considering going back to school. I haven’t taken a class since 2008 and I was last working at the PhD level which made the thought of classes seem a little daunting. This is especially true as I’ve watched my husband travel through his undergraduate degree. I realized that I would have to be darn interested to even consider taking classes and doing assignments again. I much prefer creating and grading assignments, I’ll be honest.

Then I heard about the Master of Educational Technology at UBC. It was a bit like a kid in a candy store looking at the classes. Really? I could take a class on that?! I could do it online from where I am now? (Note: I vowed to myself after being a teaching assistant for a horrid online course that I would never want to take an online class. I changed my mind.) So I am hoping to apply for Fall 2013.

The price is a little scary, at least for Canadian universities. Especially when it would mean two students in the house. It is definitely motivating though.

I finally figured out where my interests lie and it is time that I move forward with that. Especially true when I realized that I have been avoiding many of the blogs I came to love while at my last job precisely because I was no longer at my last job. I had no excuse and reading them made me miss having time to delve down rabbit holes after now technology I could play with, or having the opportunity to blog about articles I read or ideas in my head.

So it is time that I get back to thinking about educational technology. With that in mind, I hope to blog more often also. I’ve missed blogging too.

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